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Why we care about making growth easy

How it all began…

YENA:VA is part of the YENA brand – a group of services created to help make starting & growing a remarkable business easier, faster and more affordable for all.

Started in 2013 by founder, Ash Phillips, YENA started with it’s flagship movement, now called Future Leaders, a membership community that connects young entrepreneurs & ambitious professionals in safe environments, with the content, resources and opportunities required to succeed when starting a business.

In growing YENA it became apparent that there were more people to help and more problems that needed solving that originally first thought.

Growing companies can be a costly task, sourcing the right tools and staff can be the difference between a company surviving & growing or ultimately falling short of it’s ambitions and failing.

One of the challenges clearly identified was the difficulty in getting from founder, to first staff member and the continued difficulty in doing the same with the next few members of staff. In growing YENA, Ash had taken the risk of bridging this gap himself by employing staff member #1, Abby, who he couldn’t afford at the time but became a vital part of the company’s growth and the famed Head of Operations behind YENA’s ability to deliver to so many from such a small team.

Ash wondered if he could help people to bridge the gap of affordability for startups everywhere, helping them to remaining lean, both in cost and operations, whilst being able to have their own ‘Abby’ to aid their growth.

YENA:VA was born.

A collaboration between experienced virtual executive assistant company CoStartup&Go and YENA, YENA:VA looks to provide high-level, UK-based virtual assistants who can operate with the same delivery quality as outsourced Operations Directors.

We work with entrepreneurs, startups & scale-ups to manage their admin tasks and operations to let you get on with what you’re good at.

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